FACT CHECK : Has the English and Tamil languages been removed from the Rupavahini (TV)  logo?

In a Twitter message which was published on 24th of February it was stated that the Tamil language has been removed from the  Rupavahini   logo. 

A screenshot of the above mentioned Twitter message is attached below. Here

Some other Tweets on this matter.

A discussion in this regard was also observed on Facebook. 

Sri Lanka Mirror has published a news report on this regard in their website.  Here

We inquired about this from the Additional Director General of the Government Information Department, Milinda Rajapaksa who confirmed that the Tamil Language has been removed from the official logo. 

He stated that, “Rupavahini” is the Sinhala medium channel, “Nethra” is the Tamil medium channel and “Eye” is the English medium channel of the Sri Lanka Rupavahini (TV) Corporation. 

We inquired about this from the Director of the Sri Lanka Rupavahini (TV) Corporation, Sonala Gunawardana.

“We have removed not only the Tamil language but also the English language. 

This is not a matter of language. We are digitizing the Rupavahini. When you look at the logo through digital media, you cannot see any of these languages.

This is why we took this matter into action. The approval of the Board of Directors was also granted. We have informed the Minister and the Ministry in this regard. 

There are three channels from the three languages. Therefore, “Rupavahini” from the Sinhala medium, “Nethra” from the Tamil medium and “Eye” from the English medium are in action”.

We inquired regarding this from the Deputy Director of the Sri Lanka (TV) Corporation, Chandana Senevirathna as well.

His answer is mentioned below. 

“Not only the Tamil language but also the English language has been removed. This will be in operation from the 22nd of February.

We are in the process of making changes. We have three channels for the three languages. We are hoping to launch “Rupavahini” in Sinhala medium, “Nethra” in Tamil and “Eye” in English medium.

Accordingly, from next April onwards we plan to launch each of these channels exclusively in the relevant medium”.

Due to the lack of frequency coverage, channel Eye and Nethra are currently operating together.

Conclusion: The statement that Rupavahini has removed Tamil and English languages from the official logo is true.

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