Hashtag Generation

#MEND Media Salons

Since 2022 Hashtag Generation has been conducting media salons on key topics concerning the country as part of the four-year media development program – the Media Empowerment for a Democratic Sri Lanka (MEND) program facilitated by the International Research and Exchanges Board (IREX) with the support of USAID. The initiative in the form of web panel discussions targeting local media and civil society groups seeks to improve citizen access to balanced and reliable news and information and to support Sri Lanka’s efforts to strengthen media freedom and democratic governance. MEND provides a platform for stakeholders in the media industry and civil society to discuss trends in media reporting of key policy issues. They have proven to be a valuable resource for local media personnel when facing concerning circumstances. The panel discussions on average attract audiences of around 50 and translations when necessary were provided. 

Following is a list of media salons held to date : 

Proposed cybersecurity bills – January 2022

Breaking the Silence: Harassment in newsrooms – March 2022

‘Investigating Crises’ investigative journalism – June 2022

Analysing positive narratives around protest movements- September 2022

The impact of gender stereotyping and sensationalism in the media towards gender-based violence – November 2022

Can regulations make social media better- January 2023

Is the violation of media guidelines an electoral offence – February 2023