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A message issued under the heading “Be aware of tsunami threat” was observed circulating on WhatsApp during the past couple of hours.

The message issued on 2nd March 2023 also mentioned that “an earthquake of magnitude 9.2 has occurred near the island of Sumatra in the Indian ocean”. The relevant announcement was issued under the letter heading of the “Disaster Management Centre ”.

It is clearly mentioned that it is “for practice purposes only” at the top of the message. However, this message is circulating on WhatsApp in a way to convey the idea that a tsunami is actually occuring.

Hashtag Generation made an inquiry in this regard from Mr. Pradeep Kodippili, Assistant Director of the Disaster Management Centre. Mr. Kodippili stated that the message has been circulated based on a letter issued for the drill rehearsals  conducted in the Matara area on 2nd March.

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