Hashtag Generation

Origin Of our Character

Meet Andare, a man of wit, intellect and pranks. He is a true master of entertainment, capable of keeping even the dullest of gatherings lively and engaging with his quick tongue and sharp mind. He has a mischievous streak that could make even the most seasoned prankster envious, and a knack for turning any situation to his advantage, leaving his peers in awe of his cleverness.

We are proud to announce that Andare will be lending his superior intellect to our team as our leading fact checker. In today’s age of fake news, disinformation, and propaganda, it is imperative to have accurate information to stay updated with the truth. Andare’s expertise in discerning fact from fiction and his keen eye for detail will help us ensure that our audience receives only the most accurate and reliable news.

Grading System

We also have a Grading System our fact checks where we mark our fact-checks as: 

  1. True
  2. Clarifications
  3. False
  4. Misleading

We have also introduced explanatory pieces for certain claims that may require contextual explanations beyond factual verifications.  

Many of the content that is shared on social media fall within the above categorization, yet due to misinterpretations and lack of media literacy and awareness on various topics, half-truths or misleading information are in circulation. In those instances, we, as a responsible youth group, also raise awareness on different topics.