Hashtag Generation

Correction policy

At Hashtag Generation we strive our best to achieve the most accurate and reliable fact-checking practices. However, mistakes might be inevitable. In the event of any mistake, we as a responsible organization, take responsibility for swiftly correcting them. If you come across any mistakes or unfair ratings in our fact-checking, let us know by contacting us through our email   [email protected]  , Mobile /Whatsapp – +94 77 401 9656 can reach out to us through our social media platforms. 

The corrections will take place in the following manner. 

Factual errors that affect the rating – These are considered serious errors, as it changes the outlook and the rating or the fact-check. Such errors are dealt with immediately. The fact-check is updated with the new information and will be marked as an ‘update’. An archived copy of the previous fact-check is preserved and we reshare the corrected version of the fact check  tag – “update” on social media. 

Factual errors that do not affect the rating – These are considered minor factual errors as they do not change the general outlook or the rating of the fact-check. The fact-check is updated with the new information and will be marked as an ‘update’. An archived copy of the previous fact-check is preserved and linked to the updated version for reference.

Spelling and grammatical errors – We correct any and all spelling, grammatical errors, and typos as soon as they are brought to our attention. However, no mark of update or correction is made in these situations. 

Other updates – From time to time we may have to add information to fact-checks, that was not available at the time of the original fact check. In this case, the updated information may be shown as parenthesis or at the end of the fact-check as needed. In any event, the date such an update was made will be mentioned. 


  • Presenting facts objectively and portraying events/issues in a neutral and unbiased manner are [Name of FactChecker]’s priorities. Every article and/or post must maintain objectivity, regardless of the fact-checker’s personal belief or opinion. This policy is not meant to interfere with individual opinions, preferences or voting rights of any team member. Every team member is entitled to their own political views, but their personal views and actions must not interfere or reflect in their fact-checks. To ensure there is no injection of opinion or insinuation in any story, every story undergoes stages of checks and re-checks. Our Methodology 

This Policy applies to all employees of Hashtag Generation, especially all team members part of the Fact Checking team.

Team members acting both in their official and personal capacities are limited in the scope of activities they may perform and/or undertake and shall be prevented from:

1.  Holding membership and/or affiliation in any political party, related movements or organizations including:

  • Soliciting the casting or not casting vote(s) at the time of any elections 
  • Wearing badges, buttons, or attire which communicates any form of political views 
  • Endorsing or opposing a candidate running for office
  • Making a campaign contribution to or expenditure for or against a candidate.
  • Use company resources, including email accounts, computers and phones, or sponsored events for partisan political activity

 2.  Sharing of political literature in print, digital or any other form 

3.  Use of company equipment for printing, copying or communicating political literature or views in any form

4. Attending protests or soliciting for the engagement in protests that may hinder the impartiality of any fact check

5. Holding positions in government or any other organization advancing partisan politics agendas

6. Work / consultancy that may give rise to a conflict of interest to the work of Hashtag Generation

7. Influencing employees to:

  • register or vote for a political party 
  • register or vote in any particular manner
  • contribute or refrain others from contributing to any candidate, political party or political committee
  • render or refrain others from rendering services to any candidate, political party or political committee
  • challenge or refrain from challenging a person offering to vote
  • sign or refrain from signing a prospective petition or an initiative, referendum, recall or candidate nominating petition 
  • take any other action which forces or prohibits the person from exercising rights as a citizen of Sri Lanka.